It studies the individual, body and mind in an integral way, taking into account the relationship between all the organs and all the functions of the systems within the body.


We use biological medicines, which were introduced by the German doctor Hans Heinrich Reckeweg in the forties, it helps the body’s self-purification mechanisms, by activating the body’s own defenses under the principles of stimulation and detoxification.

Biological medicine has existed in Colombia for more than 25 years and has a sanitary control issued by the authorities of countries such as Germany, the United States and Colombia. Where it can only be practiced only by medical professionals.


One of the main objectives of Biological Medicine is to restore balance to the body, treating the origin of the problem that causes the disease and not the symptom. In other words, it makes the body react and allows health to be maintained thanks to the proper elimination of toxins, the body recovers and heals.

Integrative medicine seeks people to find their balance to be healthy.